About Us

Established in 2002, Darrell Dunbar Designer/Builder’s rise to success was initiated by a desire to plan, build and deliver the highest quality homes possible . This commitment to client service and design excellence has remained strong and as a result, the company has cultivated a diverse and accomplished portfolio of single- and multi-family homes, and senior living communities. The companies greatest asset is our customer service, and solid supporting cast of designers and project managers. Collectively, our group possesses talent and experience in all aspects of the construction process, from planning through design and construction. We keep abreast of the latest technologies and marketplace trends, also we are an award winning member of the National Association of Home Builders.

Whether working on smaller-scale residential or lite-commercial projects, we maintain our dedication to FUNCTIONAL AND INNOVATIVE DESIGN. Our visually distinct, yet livable designs have garnered national recognition because of their ability to respond to each clients unique situation. By taking into consideration how people will interact with the specific space, structure, and surroundings, we are able to create places that perform as well as excite, and continue to enrich the community far into the future.

No two projects are alike. For that reason, we consider each site independently, addressing the practical concerns of schedules and budgets. With the recent addition of senior living single family and multifamily designs we are changing the way communities will function in the future, by bringing the family closer and engaging the growing senior generation.

INTEGRITY AND THE UNDERSTANDING OF OUR CLIENT’S GOALS are essential elements in our design process, an honest expression of all those invested in a project including ourselves, the client, and the community. As valued collaborators, our clients are engaged throughout the entire life of the project in an effort to foster a shared trust and to completely understand the opportunities and challenges of the building process. We take pride in both establishing and maintaining relationships with our clients, many of whom have worked with us repeatedly over the years.